Beginner’s Prep for HIIT Workout Challenge – Fitness Tests!

So yeah, I did a fitness test. And it went exactly as I expected… I knew it would be a struggle, but honestly I felt like I did better than expected in a few areas.

Here are the final results:

TestDay 0
Sit-ups (1 min)32
Push-ups (1 min)28
Chin-ups (Max)5
1-mile run11:19
V-sit reach2 1/4″
Standing long jump186.5 cm
Vertical jump13 1/2″

Yes, I know I switch between imperial and metric there… the standing long jump is a Canadian staple, so I had to represent it properly.

I’m at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been and was still able to crank out 5 chin-ups (never mind the form… :P). To reach my goal weight I need to lose 60 lbs… the way I see it, I’m carrying a 60 lb weight on my body and can still crank out 5 chin-ups! Can’t wait to see what that number turns into as I progress.

So there’s our baseline. I plan to do these tests every so often… my next one will probably be in 30 days, which will be after I complete the HIIT challenge. Nowhere to go but up from here!

EDIT November 2022: Yeah, so the follow-up happened, but due to various reasons I got side-tracked and fell off the wagon. A story all too familiar but such is the struggle — time to pick myself up and try again!

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